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Nucleus management (Kernestyring®) is an internet-based tool for controlling the breeding of a herd, which was developed by the Pig Research Centre. With nucleus management (Kernestyring®), you receive information on the distribution of the genetic level of core sows. This enables you to select the best gilts and sows for the production of pure offspring and the rest for the production of young crossbreed pigs.

The nucleus managmenet programme should be supplemented by using artificial insemination boars. The main reason for this, being the use of different artificial insemination boars with a respective high breeding index, makes the use of several different ancestries possible. This would not be the case when using an individual animal with a high index value. As a result, the certainty of the average index level for boars is increased considerably. In addition, the index value of artificial insemination boars generally lies above the value of herd-boars.

To join Nucleus Management please contact your DanAvl-Distributor. You will receive a herd number and a login to our database. At the moment it is possible to communicate with our database through one of the following management systems:

  • Agrisyst (PigExpert)
  • Agrosoft (WinSvin)
  • Agrovison (PigVision)
  • Cercosoft
  • Cloudfarms
  • DLBR SvineIT (Bedriftsløsning)

DanAvl is not responsible for the data being sent in correctly by the above mentioned management systems. It is also possible to enter your registrations directly in the DanAvl database.

The main breeding strategies for the nucleus breeding programme are nucleus herd and a zig-zag crossbreeding strategy.