Increase Your Total Merit With DanAvl

In the future, the world’s leading breeding system shall be known by one just name throughout the world:  DanAvl. 

A threefold increase of exports makes new demands on branding as well as a better service of the customer.


At DanAvl we request absolute openness and transparency, which naturally also applies to all the breeding data for the individual pigs. For this reason, all breeding data for litters from 1985 up to the present day has been recorded and is freely accessible to anyone involved both internally and externally.

Click on this link to access breeding data. Here you can obtain access to data on the individual pigs quickly and easily. Furthermore, you can look up an overview of the best boars of the artificial insemination companies at the present time as well as a ranking of the nucleus and multiplier herds, based on their average genetic level.

All this gives you access not only to important information, but also to documentation and security in conjunction with your purchases.