Increase Your Total Merit With DanAvl

In the future, the world’s leading breeding system shall be known by one just name throughout the world:  DanAvl. 

A threefold increase of exports makes new demands on branding as well as a better service of the customer.

Breeding animals and boar semen from DanAvl is of the highest genetic quality and has a declared health status – thus delivery to you as customer should take place under optimal conditions. 

Transport of breeding animals 
All DanAvl distributors are obliged to adhere to a general transport code of conduct, which ensures that the animals are transported properly according to their bred. 

Furthermore, most DanAvl distributors offer different options for transport, taking into account the risk of infection for the breeding animals during transportation to their facilities. 

Transport with a permitted SPF-carrier provides the best safeguard for infection-free transport – so that the pigs reach your facilities in the same state of health as they were in when loaded. You can find further information on SPF transport here.

The price for transport naturally depends on the type of transport. You agree to the type of transport and the price with the DanAvl distributor directly. 

Distribution of boar semen
All artificial insemination stations are subject to the same hygiene guidelines in relation to the operation of the station and the distribution of semen. 

All artificial insemination station deliver the semen in hermetically sealed semen containers/straws, however, the type of dispatch and dispatch price can vary. 

You agree to the type of dispatch and price with the respective DanAvl artificial insemination station directly. When purchasing semen from DanAvl boars from e.g. German artificial insemination stations, we recommend to ensure prior to delivery that the level of hygiene, station operation and semen distribution are satisfactory.