Increase Your Total Merit With DanAvl

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As a purchaser of breeding animals, you must ensure beforehand that the production conditions in the herd of the vendor correspond well to your production conditions. This is the easiest way for the pigs to adapt to the new housing and environment.

Health status
You avoid the introduction of pigs carrying diseases into your herd when purchasing animals from herds that have a higher level of health or a level of health that is the same as that of the pigs in your herd. You should therefore request health documentation from SPF-SuS. Or, for commerical herds, request a health declaration and evaluate this jointly with your vet.

If you have selected a suitable supply herd, it would be an advantage if you only use animals from that herd in the future. Or in all cases, at least until the health status of the herd remains unchanged.

Agree on which immunisations the purchaser should have done before the pigs are supplied. You should agree with the vendor that the pigs will at least be immunised against Glässer's disease, parvovirus and red murrain.