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Breeding should ensure the genetic growth in each of the purebred populations ( Landrace,  Yorkshire and  Duroc) and is carried out on the premises of 25 nucleus herds. All animals in the breeding system are linked to an index that displays an estimate of the genetic level of the animal. The breeders themselves select the best female animals in the herd and use the best boars present in the system to produce the next purebred generation of breeding animals.

The best boars in the system are in the artificial insemination stations, where semen is taken from them which then is distributed to the nuclues herds. The semen is distributed in such a way that all breeders are considered evenly when semen distribution is to take place. In order to limit an increase in inbreeding, there is a quota of how many litters a boar may father in a particular nucleus herd. The limit for the respective herd depends on the number of sows on contract in the herd. Consequently no major difference is present in the use of boars in the respective nucleus herds in practice.

The breeder selects the sows and gilts from his own herd, because there is traditionally no exchange of living pigs between the nucleus herds. As a result, the ability, selection, coverage and litters of the correct female animals is found, added or maintained, which distinguishes the individual nucleus herds from each other. The better the sampling information provided by the breeder, the surer the index calculation for estimating the breeding value of the breeding animal.

The Pig Research Centre selects the best boars using the index calculation which then are used in the artificial insemination stations. The boars come either from the testing station at Bøgildgård, Denmark or directly from the nucleus herds. Hereby it is ensured that all nucleus herds gain access to the best boars, which is necessary to guarantee the best progress for breeding in the system. The breeders compete internally to get as many boars as possible into the artificial insemination stations, because a boar used for artificial insemination has great earning potential. The breeding system is therefore constructed in such a way that the breeders always have an incentive to select animals with the highest index possible. To measure themselves against each other, the breeders use the "Breeding Hit List", which is a ranking of the nucleus herds according to their genetic level.

The illustration shows the genetic flow in the DanAvl breeding system.


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