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The performance of the relatives has an influence on the breeding value index of an animal. This happens because the relationship between the performance of related animals in the model for the calculation of the breeding value index is taken into account. The relationship between the performance measured and the breeding value index depends on the heritabillity. The greater the heritability, the more of the performance is reflected by the breeding value.

The index of a breeding animal changes continually, because there is always new information from the related animals added – from the selected pigs and from their offspring. The more information available about the pig and its relatives, the more precise is the information about the actual breeding value provided by the index.

The index for the individual animal is thus set as uncertain, especially for young animals. Furthermore, DanAvl Landrace and DanAvl Yorkshire fathers only have ancestry information for LP5, especially since the daughters often do not have a litter at the same time as the sons are used in an artificial insemination station. Because this can mean that very large discrepancies can arise in the index, it is extremely risky to only use a few boars. If the index of this boar then declines later, this can in the worst case have an effect on the whole herd.

Here on the website of DanAvl, you can see the artificial insemination list for each boar within the last 18 months. This gives you an impression of the index development over a longer period of time as well as how high the index variation actually is for the individual pigs.