Increase Your Total Merit With DanAvl

In the future, the world’s leading breeding system shall be known by one just name throughout the world:  DanAvl. 

A threefold increase of exports makes new demands on branding as well as a better service of the customer.

The traits summarised in the breeding objective are weighted in accordance with the economic value that they have for the production of breeding pigs in a combined piglet and finisher herd. The economic weighting is an expression of the value of the improvement of the respective traits measured as a unit of Danish kroner per finisher.

The economic weighting is determined according to how changes in the different traits influence the cost and uptake in a herd. An improvement in the lean meat percentage will thus increase the proceeds, whereas an improvement in the daily weight gain will reduce rental costs and staff costs. Thus the economic value of the individual traits in the breeding objective can be determined.

The economic weighting is used to create the total index based on the breeding values of the respective traits. However, the economic weighting alone does not determine which genetic progress is achieved. The progress is also, with the exception of economic weighting, dependent on the extent of testing, the selection strategy,  
heritability and genetic variation.

Read more about the simulation model here. 

Economic value (per finisher) of the traits of the breeding objective 
Daily weight gain (0-30 kg)  0.09 DKK per gram 
Daily weight gain (30-100 kg)  0.14 DKK per gram 
Feed conversion ratio ÷133 DKK per FEsv per kg weight gain 
Lean meat percentage 8.60 DKK per percent of meat 
Conformation  12.50 DKK per evaluation point 
Killing out percentage ÷4,9 DKK per kg
Live born piglets at day 5, LG5* 22 DKK per living piglet day 5 per litter
Longevity* 85 DKK per % of increased fertility
*only for DanAvl Landrace and DanAvl Yorkshire